The WSML2Reasoner software is licensed under the GNU lesser GPL (LGPL). However, there are three release variants in accordance with the license agreements for the bundled reasoning engine libraries.

The nightly build process creates a snapshot of all release configurations, test results, javadoc and source code.

Source code, trackers, and further technical documentation can be found at sourceforge.

Release History

v0.7.0 24-02-2010

This version contains updates for support of WSML v2.0, which includes:

v0.6.4 02-12-2008

This version contains no significant updates of WSML2Reasoner, but is being released because it contains a new version of the bundled WSMO4J (the wsmo object model for java) jar files. The latest WSMO4J release contains several important bug fixes relating to the WSMO4J date-time types.

v0.6.3 11-11-2008

Bug fixes

v0.6.2 14-03-2008

v0.6.1 18-02-2008

v0.6 18-01-2008

v0.5 14-12-2007

v0.4 22-06-2007

v0.3 21-03-2007

v0.2.1 11-01-2007

v0.2 27-09-2007

v0.1 20-09-2006